Fonto 7.5: We finished 2018 faster and more intuitive!

Release 7.5: We finished 2018 faster and more intuitive!

A happy new year from everyone here at Fonto! To close out 2018, we released version 7.5 of our editor which includes a lot of (technical) improvements, one of which we have wanted to implement since the very beginning of FontoXML.

Lazy loading (on-demand) within DITA root maps

Very large DITA root maps can have a big impact on the initial load-time of FontoXML. For these maps, the new map-manager-automatically-load-topicrefs @ fontoxml-dita/src/setdefaultconfiguration.js configuration value can be set to false to disable automatic loading of documents referenced by the root map.

Fonto will now display placeholders in the content and structure views for any documents referenced in the DocumentsHierarchy that are not loaded. Clicking these placeholders will load the document. Additionally, applications can implement custom logic to automatically load a subset of documents using the new load-document-for-hierarchy-node @ fontoxml-remote-documents/src/operations-initial-documents.json operation.

Improved copying from FontoXML

We have fixed a lot of bugs and other quirks in the way Fonto handles content (including tables, lists, and inline formatting) pasted from other applications, especially Microsoft Word and Excel. Additionally, copying content from Fonto into these, as well as many other applications should now much better preserve any structures and formatting.

Improved multi-document interactions

Since our initial version, it has been difficult to impossible to execute interactions that involved multiple documents loaded within the editor. Removing this long-standing limitation, FontoXML now supports custom mutations that affect multiple documents. It is no longer required to target a specific document using either the selection or contextNodeId. Looking up, mutating and validating nodes from any loaded document will now just work. Additionally, undo and redo now work across documents, so actions can be undone no matter which document the cursor is in.

Various bug fixes and improvements

Do we need to say more? For the complete list, please check out our release notes.

FontoXML Apps

FontoXML Content Quality 1.4.0

We’ve added support to create annotations inside your document based on DOM nodes. When using it together with our new Partitioner, you’ll be able to execute analysis on specific DOM nodes only. You can achieve this with our XPathAnnotator.

Our RegexAnnotator already contained support for capture groups, but it always led to a single annotation containing all the capture groups. We’ve now added configuration options to turn those capture groups into individual annotations. This helps to turn only the interesting part of the match into an annotation, thus excluding any conditions (such as boundaries) that are not relevant to annotate.

With our new AnnotationsRegexAnnotator you can use regular expressions over annotations instead of characters. It allows you to create more complex expressions by combining smaller annotations to create larger annotations.

Last, but not least; various bug fixes and improvements.

FontoXML Document History 3.0.0-beta3

Implemented a Redis caching connector. This feature allows you to share the cache over multiple instances of Document History, thereby improving the performance.

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