Fonto 8.1 is now available

Fonto 8.1 is now available

The latest release of Fonto focuses primarily on improving what was already in place. After our first major release in over four years, we decided to take a release worth of time to ensure we could further polish and optimize the work that was done previously. This includes, based on your feedback, improvements to our Balloons and how and where you can import Fonto-specific TypeScript types.      

Fonto Editor

Cutting and pasting partial tables
Cutting and pasting a part of a table from Fonto Editor is now possible using our table selection.

Sticky horizontal scrollbar in tables
The horizontal scrollbar in tables is now sticky which means you can also see it when you are not at the bottom of the table.

Improvements to Balloons
Balloons that are applicable to content that is otherwise hidden through configuration will now be hidden along with that content. In addition, the F9 shortcut now navigates through Balloons that are opened with the navigator.

Font Awesome 6
We have upgraded our internal Font Awesome to version 6 so you can make use of all the new icons and styles. What exactly changed for this version, you can read on their page.

Usability improvements
We updated how selections are visualized in the outline so authors can more easily see what is active. Additionally, we’ve updated most buttons in the editor to have a minimum target size to make them easier to click.

Fonto Review

Inserting annotations
It’s now possible to register a keyboard shortcut for inserting Fonto Review annotations. These shortcuts also automatically show up in the shortcut modal in the editor.

In progress annotations
Annotations with open forms (any form, replies, resolve, etc.) should no longer disappear because of filtering. Annotations with open forms should still error out if someone else removed the annotation.

Improved TS support
TypeScript support was improved for the Fonto Review configuration package.

Tooling and APIs

TypeScript types
When we introduced support for TypeScript in Fonto 8.0 we knew that we still had some i’s to dot and some t’s to cross. In this release, we spent a good amount of time identifying and closing the gaps in Fonto Editor’s TypeScript declaration files. These are now more accurate, more complete, and have a stable, documented, import location.

In our next release

We will continue working on our roadmap. For the upcoming 8.2 we expect to improve the table editing and review experience further by introducing sticky headers. We also expect to extend keyboard navigation to improve accessibility. And many more. We look forward to telling you more about our upcoming 8.2 release in a future blogpost. Fonto 8.2 is expected to release the 22nd of September.

Want to experience Fonto 8.1 yourself? Give it a try!

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