Fonto 8.2 is out right now

Fonto 8.2 is out right now

As the days once again grow shorter and darker, it is time for another release of Fonto. For this release, we maintained the focus on making improvements instead of adding new features. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any new things to find, you will notice some of the outline is now sticky when scrolling, and pasting external partial tables into tables in our editor is now possible.   

Fonto Editor

Pasting tables

Cutting and pasting a part of a table from another source to Fonto Editor is now possible using our table selection. In addition, when copying and pasting a table within Fonto Editor, header rows will now be preserved.

Table widgets

Table widgets are now only shown when the table is focused, in an effort to lessen distraction while scrolling through the document.

Overlapping squiggles

We’ve made a couple of improvements to overlapping squiggles with balloons. By hovering over balloons, you can now highlight the corresponding content, allowing for easier scanning of where those balloons are located in the content. Furthermore, clicking on a location where multiple balloons are present, now indents all those balloons. Not to worry, the newly selected state of balloons will still clearly indicate which balloon is selected.

An example of the handling of overlapping balloons in Fonto 8.2

Sticky scroll 

We have added a sticky scroll to the outline, providing the user with a tool that offers context in complex documents. When scrolling through the elements of the outline, top-level parent topics will be displayed on a sticky position, allowing users to identify where in the document structure nested elements belong to. This is particularly beneficial when interacting with complex documents, as parent topics can be out of view and tracing back to them complicated.

Sticky scrolling in Fonto 8.2
Sticky scrolling in Fonto 8.2

Fonto Content Quality

We’ve replaced some configuration APIs for Fonto Content Quality. The new API makes it easier to configure which blocks should be skipped for analysis. Additionally, the new configuration allows you to specify additional data for blocks, so conditional analysis can be expressed easier.

The new configuration API also entailed a change in the core components of Fonto Content Quality. We now only scan visible documents, which should greatly improve (perceived) performance in many scenarios.

Fonto Content Quality improvements compared side by side

Try Fonto 8.2 yourself!

Want to experience Fonto 8.2 yourself? Give it a try!

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