Release 7.11

Release 7.11: (Drag &) Drop it like it’s hot

You could just use copy and paste, but wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier to drag content from one place to another? That’s exactly what we thought, so we made it happen. On top of that, we’re introducing many new awesome features, such as a notification center,  a button for applying change proposals, and an improved lock and refresh widget. This wouldn’t be a Fonto release if we hadn’t also significantly improved the performance. 

We also wanted to give a huge thanks to all partners who filled in our survey regarding XProc, all feedback is incredibly valuable to us! 

Fonto Editor

Drag & drop content

Move over copy & paste, you can now drag & drop content in Fonto! To speed up your workflow it is now possible to make a selection on a piece of content and drag it to wherever you want. It works within Fonto, between different Fonto tabs and even to and from other applications, such as Word. 

Improved visibility of the lock and refresh widget 

Collaboration is a very important aspect of authoring, but to really be able to collaborate efficiently, you want to know what’s happening with your document. By introducing lock and refresh buttons that scroll along with you, as well as a fancy new animation, you’re instantly made aware when a colleague makes changes that are worth syncing up with. 

Notification Center

Having to deal with system errors or connection problems is never fun. Having warnings thrown at you from every direction even less so. Which is why we’ve come up with one location for all status messages. Currently, only a few status messages are implemented for the notification center, however the possibilities are endless, so expect many more additions in the future!

Improved pasting 

When copying over content from other applications, such as Word and Google Docs, you don’t want to have to restructure your content. That’s why we worked on improving pasting nested lists and symbols from Word. From 7.11 onwards, nesting will no longer be lost upon pasting. 

Clearer sidebar 

It may just be a sidebar, but it’s no less important than any other toolbar. We’ve gotten feedback from clients that they were having trouble finding the sidebar and it was unclear how to open it. We listened and have pushed through some improvements to increase the discoverability and visibility of the sidebar. 

Multiple tables in CALS table 

Is one table not enough? We’re now supporting multiple tables inside your CALS table figure. 

Double clicking 

To allow you to work quicker, we’ve configured a new double click operation that you can use to e.g. instantly edit an image or any other object you like. 

Fonto Review

Applying change proposals

You may or may not already be familiar with our change proposals. Change proposals allow reviewers to suggest a different piece of text, leaving it up for authors to decide whether they want to apply the proposed change to the text. When they do, authors no longer have to copy and paste the suggested change. Instead, they can now apply change proposals directly to the text with one click of a button. 

Collapsing replies
Sometimes it’s important to thoroughly discuss a comment before deciding what to do with it, which you can, but you probably don’t want to scroll through that entire discussion whenever you click on a comment. For Fonto 7.11, we’re introducing collapsed replies, meaning we’ll only show you the bottom 3 replies by default. Want to see all of them? Just click on “Show more replies”. 

Overlapping comments

As great minds think alike, it’s not unlikely to imagine both you and your colleague commenting on the same piece of text. To make overlapping contents a little more visible, we’ve introduced a small visual change that indicates when there’s another comment hidden within the selected comment. 

Exporting comments to a .csv file
We’ve now made it possible to export a .csv file containing all comments, including replies and resolutions. This comes in especially useful when your company needs to deliver a comment resolution table or if the comments need to be stored for future reference outside the CMS.

Improved styling of comment cards

In order to make comment cards better scannable by ‘author’, we’ve made the author’s name a bit more prominent in the cards. We also removed some unnecessary clutter from the comment cards, making it easier to focus on the content of the cards without any distractions. 

Fonto SDK

To make it even easier to set up an editor, we took the liberty to prepare and generate a whole bunch of configuration whenever you initiate a new instance of Fonto Editor. We’re also providing guidance in the form of comments and links to our documentation throughout the generated files. This will make completing our updated getting started guide a breeze. 

In our next release

During the upcoming summer holiday season, we won’t just be sitting on the beach. We’ll also continue to build new functionality, fix bugs and make improvements.

A user group close to our heart are the developers who configure Fonto applications and integrate them into content management systems. Documentation is vital to learn, understand and discover the many capabilities Fonto offers. We will be overhauling our documentation system to massively improve the way we write & publishing our content.

We’ll be adding additional APIs to configure automatic link text generation. This means you no longer need to type the link text, e.g. “see table 1”, manually. Instead, Fonto will automatically generate the link text and make sure it is up to date, no matter what changes you make to your document.

Our Document History product will receive a new engine. The new engine will be more powerful both in terms of features and raw performance. For example, we’ll be able to detect if a paragraph is moved to another place in the document, even if the paragraph is changed. We’re aiming to improve the speed of Document History by 20x. Replacing the engine will set us up to start adding more end-user capabilities but that does require a little patience.

We expect to ship the upcoming 7.12 release on September 24. We’ll send out the release announcement with more details in the next few months. Stay tuned!

Please refer to your implementation partner for further information on how to acquire release 7.11 for your instance of Fonto. For more details on anything mentioned above, other new features, improvements and bug fixes, please read the release notes.

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