Release 7.17

Release 7.17: I got a String for you

Whether it is the strings of Christmas lights, the strings right next to elements containing them, or the strings that can be used in our XPath and XQuery implementation. At Fonto we’re all about it this holiday season.

We’re constantly improving the user interface of our products. We’ve improved accessibility for our users by improving shapes, spacing, and discoverability throughout.

Fonto Editor

This release brings better support for schemata that allow mixing block and inline elements, such as those that make the paragraph element optional. Examples of these can be found in the DITA spec such as the list item and table cell elements which are allowed to contain both text nodes and paragraphs.

Fonto Editor can now be configured to keep the XML as simple as it can be; only adding these paragraphs when needed.

Fonto Review

We’ve made it possible to create comments with the “shared” status directly. This should support use cases where the review workflow is more informal, and comments should be readable by everyone by default. In line with this, we have also made it possible to mark certain comments as private again. Additionally, it’s now possible to register custom sidebars in Fonto Review.

Fonto Document History

We have officially made Fonto Document History a stable product! This means that the software is now available through our development tools and no support desk agent is needed anymore. Thanks to all the customers that worked with us in the past years to make Document History the product it is today!

Feature-wise we have added table row addition and deletions to our Diff API. This means that you can now, for example, render those in your own outputs. Another change we made is content that is hidden in Fonto Editor now does not display in Document History anymore and corresponding changes are hidden as well.

Tooling and APIs

We’ve begun making XPath/XQuery easier to write using template tags. This new API automatically prevents some common mistakes and opens the door to further optimizations in the future.

Finally, you may notice lots of subtle and not-so-subtle changes to our documentation. Our API documentation is now generated with higher fidelity. Our other documentation is rearranged to better fit the tasks you may be seeking to perform, and documentation for our development tools is added.

In our next release

Our next release is expected to be exceptionally feature-packed;

  • We’re closing in on bugs, improving code intelligence, and speeding up configuration work by bringing TypeScript support to all front-end code.
  • Further improvements on XQuery template tags.
  • We’re changing the Fonto layout to improve the UX/UI. This is quite a big change that we will write a separate blog post on, so stay tuned!

Please refer to your implementation partner for further information on how to acquire release 7.17 for your instance of Fonto. For more details on anything mentioned above, other new features, improvements, and bug fixes, please read the release notes.

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