Release 7.6: New Release. New Me.

Release 7.6: New Release. New Me.

New year, new me. This is something that you may have heard or read at some point in the last few years, and so have we. So with the first release in this new year, we present a new “me”. As we reached the 5th anniversary of Fonto, we decided it was time for a rebranding. We feel everybody should know by now that we are all about XML, so we are dropping that part of our name. Because after all, “hiding the XML” is what we do. With that new name comes a brand new look. You’ll notice new logos, new fonts and new colors across our products and media presence. But don’t worry, under that shiny new exterior we are still the same product you know and love.

Fonto Editor

Of course, rebranding isn’t all we focused on this quarter. We worked on performance, the way we load documents, and various improvements to the authoring experience.

  • JIT Loading
    Fonto Editor now offers configuration to allow documents to be loaded just-in-time, further reducing the initial load time of the editor if needed.
  • Performance gains
    We now allow the creation of an index based on an attribute. This can be used to further optimize your code. Additionally, we have made several improvements to the way we process XPath expressions that should result in a noticeable performance gain.
  • Create bulleted and numbered lists by typing “1 + . + spacebar, or * + spacebar
    A feature you may be used to from editors such as Google Docs and Microsoft Word.
  • Opening on the last opened folder
    We now remember your last opened folder when you, for example, browse for images.
  • Simplified error messages
    We simplified the error messages for several scenarios where we can’t open a file. This way users can actually understand what’s wrong, even if they don’t have a degree in computer science.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Please refer to your implementation partner for further details on how to acquire release 7.6 for your instance of Fonto Editor. For more details on everything mentioned above, other new features, improvements and bug fixes, please read the release notes.

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