Release 7.8

Release 7.8: Turning Tables

This release, our tables received a massive facelift to make it even easier for authors to work with, regardless of the amount of data you’re dealing with. We also made it even easier to create lists. Not a fan of numbered lists? We got you! You can now configure lists to work with any symbol.

Our 7.8 release also had a lot of love for Fonto Review. We focused on stabilization and extending our developer documentation, but also introduced some nifty functionalities. Think of batch sharing comments, improved filtering functionality and the ability to see comments through the eyes of the reviewer.

Fonto Editor

  • Work on larger tables with wide table view and scroll 
    Whereas before it would be hard to keep an overview when working with tables with a lot of columns, Fonto now allows users to use the full width of their screen to work on their table. And if this still isn’t enough space for your tables, we’ll throw in horizontal scrolling functionality too.
  • Table performance
    On average we doubled the speed of common table operations, like inserting rows, resulting in a smoother table editing experience.
  • Speed up your workflow with Add-widgets in tables
    If you’ve ever been given the tedious task of creating a table with seemingly endless columns, we imagine you’ll be thrilled to see we’ve made it super easy to add new rows and columns anywhere in the table with just one click.
  • Find all the actions you need right at your cursor
    At Fonto, we want to give you all the functionalities you need, without it feeling too overwhelming. For this very reason, we added a highlight menu in all the rows and columns that we’re confident will come intuitively to you.
  • Tailored to your needs with custom widgets
    If you still find yourself missing some functionalities in our new tables, we welcome you to add them yourselves. This way you’re guaranteed to be working as efficiently as possible.
  • Self-host the spell checker backend
    We’ve made our spell checker backend available for self-hosting, which means you’re no longer tied to Fonto’s server. We highly recommend to self-host it from a content security perspective.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Fonto Review

  • Fully integrated into our SDK
    We have integrated Fonto Review in Fonto Development Tools (FDT) so you can now set it up as you are used to with Fonto Editor.
  • More configurable
    We have implemented several new APIs to allow every customer to suit Fonto Review to their needs.
  • More stable and better developer documentation
    We have focused hard on stabilizing Fonto Review to create an optimal user experience. But for the devs that need to implement Fonto Review, we created lots of useful documentation and guides.
  • Better conflict resolution
    We have expanded our conflict resolving algorithm to make sure all conflict scenarios are covered. So if your colleague Chad decides to resolve a comment you were just replying to, we might not be able to make it any less frustrating, but at least we can let you know what’s up.
  • Work faster by batch sharing your comments
    Share all (or a part) of your comments in one go. No more repeating actions unnecessarily and wasting time you’d undoubtedly rather spend doing just about anything else.
Easily select multiple comments and share them.
  • Better understand comments by viewing the original context
    Has a reviewer’s comment left you clueless? There’s a chance the document has changed ever since the comment has been made. Luckily, Fonto now allows you to travel back in time and have a look at the context in which the comment was made. On top of that, it even allows you to see the context in which it was resolved!
  • Optimized performance 
    In the previous version of Fonto Review, we already implemented client-side filtering. We moved this functionality to the backend to allow for optimal performance and larger workloads to be handled.

Content Quality, Document History, and Review

  • Run products as a Windows Service
    The self-contained builds of the backends can now run as a Windows Service on Windows.
  • We’ve added support for NLog configuration files, making it easier to manage their logs

Please refer to your implementation partner for further details on how to acquire release 7.8 for your instance of Fonto. For more details on everything mentioned above, other new features, improvements and bug fixes, please read the release notes.

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