Fonto 6.11.0

Fonto 6.11.0

This release is a small but exciting one as it includes a long requested feature. It enables you to reply to comments when using our “Track changes” and “Changes & comments review sidebar” add-ons. Additionally we’ve added a new configuration option that should help boost the performance of your editor instance when used.

  • Reply to comments: When using the platform commenting module (fontoxml-annotations) , it is now possible to post replies to comments in the editor.
  • configureProperties: This release of FontoXML allows configuring different (visualization) properties of specific elements. When used, this improves the overall performance of instances which reconfigured multiple variants of the same element. See the upgrade instructions for more information.

Please refer to your implementation partner for further details on how to acquire release 6.11.0 for your instance of FontoXML. For more details on everything mentioned above, other new features, improvements, and bug fixes you can read the release notes.

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