Fonto 6.5.0

Fonto 6.5.0

Resolved issues

  • The editor is now more responsive while searching in large documents.
  • Using multiple indices based on the same attribute with different values, or based on different attributes with no values no longer yields incorrect results.
  • Xpath selectors using predicates in combination with anything other than a node name or ‘*’ test no longer cause errors.
  • The editor no longer crashes when loading the same document in multiple maps. Error messages are configurable using the keys ‘document-referenced-multiple-times-error-message-with-title’, ‘document-referenced-multiple-times-error-message-without-title’ and ‘document-referenced-multiple-times-error-message-title-selector’

New functionality

  • The new split-and-insert operation can be used to split elements at the current cursor position, similar to pressing enter, and wrap the result in a newly inserted structure.
  • A new transform setContextNodeIdToParentNodeOfContextNode has been added.
  • The new getModelUsingStencil transform and apply-model-using-stencil operation can be used to easily modify attributes and simple text values across a structure of nodes. Note that change tracking is not yet supported for this operation.
  • Applications requiring highly specific XML operations not currently supported by FontoXML can now use the addCustomMutation API to define their own XML mutations.
  • The inline anchor to structure family now accepts the createInnerJsonMl / innerJsonMl visualization options to customize the appearance of the inline anchor.
  • An experiment has been added to remove empty paragraphs left behind when inserting structures from a blank line. Set configuration value enable-experiment/remove-default-text-container-after-exit to true to enable this experiment.
  • The fontoxml-mathml add-on package replaces fontoxml-dita-architecture-mathml and makes MathML rendering and integration of the WIRIS editor available for non-DITA applications. Please refer to the upgrade instructions if your application currently uses the fontoxml-dita-architecture-mathml add-on.
  • The new widget container widget allows controlling the layout of multiple widgets sharing the same area.
  • Control+left and control+right (on OSX, alt+left and alt+right) are not handled by the browser anymore. This prevents the cursor from being stuck in certain places, in certain browsers.

Other improvements

  • Removing a complete paragraph while search is open no longer continues highlighting search results inside.
  • An indicator will now appear if the number of search results exceeds the configured maximum (9000 by default). Updates to the document no longer cause the number of search results to exceed or incorrectly drop below this maximum.
  • Closing the find & replace drop will no longer modify the selection if the cursor has been moved after the last search.
  • Instead of only requiring exact case matches if the search query contains upper case characters, the find & replace dialog now contains a manual toggle for case sensitivity.
  • The find & replace feature will no longer automatically capitalize the replacement text if the original word was capitalized, as this hidden feature caused confusion among our users.
  • Spaces in the find & replace search query will no longer match element boundaries instead of actual text content.
  • Spaces at the start or end of a search query in find & replace and the browse modals are no longer ignored.
  • The editor no longer steals focus from form controls after performing an operation that does not affect the selection.
  • Selections of entire elements with certain combinations of widgets are now displayed correctly in Chrome. Previously, these selections could appear as a blinking cursor, although the full element would still be considered to be selected by operations.
  • The web link modal now accepts mailto: URLs without incorrectly prepending the http:// protocol.
  • The document width for the 75% zoom level has been adjusted to avoid the text from reflowing and changing the layout of the document.
  • References returned by the CMS from the reference GET endpoint will no longer cause an error if the metadata property is omitted.
  • Copying and pasting a single-row table from Excel now works correctly.
  • Simple HTML tables with TH elements can now be pasted. Also, HTML table parsing is a lot more forgiving.
  • Pasting tables with merged cells from Google Sheets now works as expected.
  • Due to previous issues, we have disabled most validation of URLs entered in the web reference modal. Any URL using one of the supported protocols (http, https, ftp and mailto) is now accepted. The web-reference-validity-regular-expression and web-reference-mailto-validity-regular-expression configuration values can be set to stricter regular expressions if required.
  • Clicking items in the structure view, or inserting new documents in a DITA map will now scroll these documents to the top of the screen. Operations can now use the scroll-node-into-view operation to scroll any visible node into view. Note that changing the selection will always ensure that the cursor is scrolled into view.
  • It is no longer possible to place the cursor in document previews.
  • It is no longer possible to place the cursor in documents for which the lock is not available.
  • When there are no items, no search results or no items selected in the node browser, a state message will now be shown. These messages can be configured through operation data.
  • The contrast for the highlight indicating the current search result has been improved.
  • The message that appears while the spell checker is retrieving suggestions now takes advantage of the available space.
  • XML processing instruction or comment nodes configured as objects are no longer ignored by cursor movements.
  • The horizontal-insert operation now works under nodes with an xs:any content model.
  • The new hierarchical numbering and bulleting widgets allow automatic selection of numbering style or bullet character based on the nesting level of the item they are applied to.
  • The experiment controlled by the enable-experiment/buffered-input configuration value has been integrated. The configuration value has been removed.
  • All inline CVK families that support text visualization options can now add an overline by setting the overlineStyle visualization option to ‘single’.
  • All CVK families that support text visualization options can now add a line through the text by setting the lineThroughStyle visualization option to ‘single’.
  • The popover-model-token attribute is now also supported by ui-popover-id when used outside the content view. Alternatively, popovers triggered outside the content view can use ui-popover-model to bind directly to the model to use.
  • The interface for linking to nodes in the same document now orders them by occurrence. The old behaviour can be retained by setting “enableDomOrder” to “false”.
  • The text that appears while FontoXML is loading the initial documents can now be customized by setting the load-screen-text configuration value.
  • The document template browser can now show a preview of the selected template instead of its icon and metadata by setting the useTemplatedViewsPreview step data property to true.
  • Operations that open one of the asset browsers now support an “immediatelyBrowseRootFolder” argument. If set to the string “true”, the browser will show the file list for the root folder immediately after opening instead of displaying a usage instruction.
  • Due to potential conflicts during startup, the paste-import-stream configuration value has been removed. Applications wishing to use the default paste pipeline for plain text content should set the paragraph-node-name-for-pasting value instead. Alternatively, use pasteImportStreamManager.setPasteImportStream in an install.js to register an alternative stream.
  • The callback passed to indexManager.addNodesChangedCallback is no longer invoked immediately during its registration.
  • The experiment controlled by the enable-experiment/altgr-support configuration value has been turned on by default.
  • The experiment controlled by the enable-experiment/render-all-whitespace configuration value has been turned on by default.
  • The SDK portal will now show a warning when upgrading if a package no longer exists or has been replaced in the current release.
  • The FontoXML developer tools have been upgraded to support Node.js 6.x. Users of older Node.js versions should upgrade npm to version 3.9.0 or newer to avoid errors when installing the new tools.
  • The replace-node operation accepts setting the selection similar to horizontal-insert.
  • The buttons in the top left corner of the toolbar before the tab buttons are more clearly visible when they are disabled.
  • The info tooltip on the ‘i’ icon in the bottom right is now always positioned and sized correctly; including after window resizes. Read more about positioning and sizing issues of tooltips at the Interface API reference > Tooltips article under ‘Sizing and positioning issues’.
  • Make sure the borders of a sheet-frame are shown on every side when using the document view, this includes the blue borders shown when focusing a specific document.

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