Fonto 8.0 is coming!

Fonto 8.0 is coming!

With pride and joy, we’ll be shipping the upcoming release as Fonto 8.0! We’re looking at a release at the end of March 2022, matching the release cadence we always had.

Fonto 8.0 will ship with exciting new features for both end-users and partners alike. For end-users, there will be significant improvements to the usability of Fonto. With the introduction of the balloons’ user interface, comments and change tracking information will be displayed in context of the document. We’re also making significant improvements to the outline and Fonto Document History as well. 

For partners, or more specifically the devs configuring Fonto, the development experience of Fonto is state-of-the-art with the introduction of TypeScript and other code intelligence.

We will be releasing more blog posts in the next few weeks that explain what each change is, why they are improvements, and what their impact will be.

March 1Making navigation more intuitive within Fonto
March 8Code intelligence improvements
March 15Balloons for a richer collaboration in Fonto
March 22Revamping Fonto Document History

We’re also planning a webinar including a live Q&A, so you may ask our team any question you’d like directly. The webinar will be on Wednesday, April 13. You can register here.

Questions and answers

We do want to address some questions you may have:

Do I have to upgrade?
No. You will not be forced to upgrade. We’ll continue to support whatever version you’re on to the best of our ability and in accordance with your license agreement and/or service level agreement.

Will Fonto 7.x continue to be supported?
Yes; We’ll continue to support Fonto 7.x as per license- and/or service level agreement. Typically, support for any given release is a year from the moment that release shipped.

How big will the upgrade be for me?
The upgrade effort will be the same as with any minor release of Fonto. There are no additional breaking changes or rework required on your end that we haven’t already communicated to you before. You can find the list of removed APIs here.

What is the roadmap for 8?
We’ll announce the roadmap after we’ve released 8.0.

To summarize: The following release of Fonto will be 8.0. We’ll be publishing regular blog posts in the next weeks and there will be a webinar. We’re hoping that you are as excited as we are. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to our email update and follow our  socials. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via our contact form or your regular contacts.

Keep me updated about Fonto 8.0!

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