My selector does not match?!

A question that was raised by a Fonto developer, how it was resolved and why Fonto behaved like that in the first place. This week, a partner got into a fight with XPath when trying to target a specific element! A support issue came in with the following description: Hello, I am trying to select …

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XQuery Template Tags

This is a technical blog post meant for developers This blog post introduces XQuery template tags, describes how we are upgrading our configuration to use them and where they are headed. This post hopes to inspire you to refactor XPaths in your editor to start benefiting from XQuery Template Tags as early as you can. …

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Fonto 8.0 WebinarApril 13, 6.30 pm CET / 11.30 am CST

Providing you with insights from our team and a QA session.

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