Release Notes

Fonto 8.7: Ready, steady, go!

We are ending this year on a stable footing! We’ve spent a good amount of time making bug fixes, improving the code and doing preparatory work for upcoming releases. While this means that this time we have shorter release highlights and less flashy videos, we have certainly not been idle. Great things are coming up

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Fonto 8.5: Summer is here and so is our latest release

This year’s summertime release introduces an often-asked feature in the form of the new placeholder family and while this release can’t offer you anything in the form of a refreshment to deal with the summer heat it does offer a refresh of our context menus.  This release also features something “hot” for all the developers

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Fonto 8.4: Steady as she goes

Our first release of the year is a more subdued one as we continue to work on previously announced, and heavily anticipated, features such as right to left support (RTL), table diffing and other diff visualization changes. A lot of under-the-hood maintenance work has been done, and we concluded many long-term configuration experiments. Additionally, you

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Fonto 8.1 is now available

The latest release of Fonto focuses primarily on improving what was already in place. After our first major release in over four years, we decided to take a release worth of time to ensure we could further polish and optimize the work that was done previously. This includes, based on your feedback, improvements to our

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Fonto 8.1 Announcement

For the upcoming 8.1 release, we’ve made organizational changes to align our teams with our roadmap as shared last week. We are taking our time to make these changes meaning, 8.1 is mostly a polishing release to make smaller improvements across a lot of areas. However, we also managed to squeeze in a few new

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Fonto 8.0 is up for grabs

It is with pride and excitement that we introduce our 8.0 release. However, we haven’t kept this excitement a secret over the last couple of weeks as we released a series of blog posts highlighting our 8.0 release. Moving our outline to the left of the screen. Introducing balloons. Adding support for TypeScript to allow

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