Amendment drafting with Fonto

Several of our customers are governments or publishers working with legislative content. One of the most important documents published by them are the amendment documents. In this blog post I’ll show you how FontoXML helps authoring these amendment documents. For those new to legislative processes and corresponding documents: new legislation is often introduced by augmenting

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Release 7.3

Earlier today we have released version 7.3 of FontoXML. This release includes some pretty nifty improvements to both the XML Editor as to the Content Quality and Document History Apps. FontoXML Editor This quarter we took our time to focus on some often requested features. OEM Embedded mode FontoXML Editor is often integrated in a (external)

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Release 7.1

This release has two smaller but none the less exciting additions in the form of new APIs for the FontoXML Editor. Our FontoXML Content Quality App release features some added compositors, filters, and annotators in addition to offering the possibility to register custom annotations. FontoXML Editor 7.1.0 Custom table model supportIt is now possible to configure

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Structured authoring = Discipline x Enjoyable software

If you’re thinking about the adoption of a structured authoring tool like FontoXML, you should read the article on this topic by Barry Schaeffer (2013). In this article Barry, a veteran of more than 45 years in the content automation industry, not only describes the ‘tortured relationship’ between Word and XML (we also wrote about

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A move away from Microsoft Word

For the second time this month I’ve heard a prospect say “we want to move away from the Microsoft Word process”. In other words: the Word based authoring process, at this standardisation organisation, is far from efficient and has some serious quality issues. There’s little content reuse with large compliancy issues as a result. There’s

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How to overcome everyday DITA issues

In a series of blog posts DITA-expert Wim Hooghwinkel describes some everyday DITA usability issues and lets us explain how we think to have solved these issues. Wim: Let’s face it: XML editing has it’s challenges. Especially for an average author who is not into tagging. It’s been worse though. The days that we needed to

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Intuitive web-based XML editor for subject matter experts

At FontoXML we’re a big fan of the bestseller ‘Don’t make me think’ by Steve Krug. A book about human-computer interaction and web usability. The book’s premise is that a good software program or web site should let users accomplish their intended tasks as easily and directly as possible. A must-read for web- and software-designers

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