Release 7.10

Release 7.10

Normally you are used to a lighthearted introduction from us. This time we would like to express our hope that everyone is and will stay safe.

Despite everything, we still wanted to inform you that this latest release is thoroughly tested and approved… by a team working from home.

Fonto Editor

New quick navigation

This new feature helps you smoothly jump through your documents. You can use either a shortcut (ctrl+g or cmd+g) or the quick navigation option in the outline view.

Use ctrl+g (or cmd+g) to open our new quick navigation feature.

Some nifty Find & Replace improvements

Replacing all search results is now also compatible with editors that do not load all documents at once, so it supports even the largest publications. For very large publications, we have also improved the general ease of use by adding an option to search only in specific sections.

Better arrow keys

Use the arrow keys to navigate fluently through tables, across sheet frame boundaries, into footnotes, and more.

Whitespace handling

Fonto will correctly leave whitespace only where it is allowed per XML rules. This will mean the output platform will display your content the way you meant it.

React is now the very latest

We have updated React to 16.12, and are now providing more Hooks out of the box. To start using React Hooks easier, we have also updated the FDS Playground with best practices and examples.

Various bug fixes and improvements.

Fonto Review

This release of Fonto Review delivers a few key features that were previously missing. We will shine some light on the highs of this release.

More straightforward navigation through comments list

A common request when working in Review with a large number of comments is that it becomes quite challenging to determine the position of the comments in the text. By grouping comments per topic, we have made navigating through this list a lot easier.

Search in Review

The effort that was put into the new Find and Replace experience in the Editor was not unnoticed by many of you. A logical next step was to also allow the Search feature in the Review application. Starting from this release, you will now find a “Search” tab in your Review application.

Comment positions

When working with Review, you might have noticed that the position of comments sometimes did not show up as a yellow underline, but instead as a so-called “tombstoned” comment. Our backend service that tried to re-calculate those lost comments was quite simplistic in previous releases. In Fonto 7.10, we have seriously improved this service. You should now see these “tombstones” less and less. Comments that were previously marked as a tombstone will be re-calculated automatically, so they fix themselves.


Performance when working with larger comment sets, has been improved. Together with several places where we now issue fewer requests to the CMS, the overall experience of Fonto Review should feel much smoother.

Stability improvements

With Fonto 7.10, the third public release of Fonto Review comes available. We have gathered feedback on the previous versions and fixed a lot of smaller and bigger annoying bugs that were in the way of getting a solid feeling of the product.

Fonto Document History

Improved integration scenario

We now offer an API in the Editor to open Document History for any given document, instead of only the focused document. This allows for better integration in your Editor instance.

Small improvements

This release also makes sure that the scroll position that an author had in Fonto Editor is restored when returning from Document History. This makes sure that the context you are coming from remains the same. Documents that may not have been edited for a few years previously showed a confusing revision selector. We have now made sure that even though documents may not be updated very often, looking back into the history still is as user friendly as it can be! Next to that, we also show transitions spanning multiple years if your document has not been touched for a while.

Fonto SDK

For this release, we have made various quality of life improvements to our SDK and tools in our ongoing effort to make them as stable and easy to use as possible.

In our next release

For the upcoming 7.11 release, we will spend time on making the SDK experience even better. In particular, we will work on a feature that makes setting up a new editor easier than ever, by generating more code for you. Where we can, we will try to apply a well-suited configuration based on information we can extract from your schema. We will also improve the amount, quality, and delivery of our documentation.

For Fonto Review, we are planning to allow change proposals to be accepted in the document smoothing the workflow. We are also planning to add additional APIs to download a list of comments. We will perform user testing on Fonto Review as well, so if you are interested, please let us know!

On the performance and stability side, we will continue to improve our XPath and XQuery engine. We have some improvements planned to make XQuery faster when dealing with larger nodesets.

Last but not least: we will surely fix bugs and make tons of smaller improvements.

Please refer to your implementation partner for further information on how to acquire release 7.10 for your instance of Fonto. For more details on anything mentioned above, other new features, improvements and bug fixes, please read the release notes.

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