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Fonto Roadmap 2022 and beyond

Now that the thunder of the Fonto 8.0 release is starting to fade, it is time to turn our minds toward the future. As Forrester’s “The Future of Documents” report illustrates, the momentum for structured content is growing. While industries like aerospace and manufacturing are ahead of the curve, we see widespread adoption of structured […]

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Fonto 8.0 is up for grabs

It is with pride and excitement that we introduce our 8.0 release. However, we haven’t kept this excitement a secret over the last couple of weeks as we released a series of blog posts highlighting our 8.0 release. Moving our outline to the left of the screen. Introducing balloons. Adding support for TypeScript to allow

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Revamping Fonto Document History

Fonto Document History is one of our first separate add-ons that we built, and so we hold it dear to our hearts. To keep up with the ever-evolving UI in Fonto, we’ve made some tweaks, which will, in turn, result in a more seamless integration of Fonto Document History with our other products. What is

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Balloons for a richer collaboration in Fonto

Remote collaboration is evolving—and Fonto is here to help. Comments and Change suggestions eliminate the need to coordinate in-person discussions and provide collaborators with better insights. With the upcoming Fonto 8.0 release, we have made the collaboration experience more seamless by providing in-context Balloons for today’s remote world. What was the problem we needed to

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Code intelligence improvements

Together with everything else that is spice and nice in Fonto 8, our latest SDK will include TypeScript support and a lot more code intelligence than before. In terms of stability, velocity and developer quality of life this is our biggest update ever! Even if you don’t want to use TypeScript, the new update instantly

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Making navigation more intuitive within Fonto

Navigating extensive documentation can be agonizing with a massive amount of sections. Authors don’t have time to read everything they see word by word to find what is applicable for them. Thus, scannability to quickly locate relevant content, to begin editing within seconds, is an essential factor to usability within the Fonto Editor. So what

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Fonto 8.0 is coming!

With pride and joy, we’ll be shipping the upcoming release as Fonto 8.0! We’re looking at a release at the end of March 2022, matching the release cadence we always had. Fonto 8.0 will ship with exciting new features for both end-users and partners alike. For end-users, there will be significant improvements to the usability

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