Fonto 6.11.0

This release is a small but exciting one as it includes a long requested feature. It enables you to reply to comments when using our “Track changes” and “Changes & comments review sidebar” add-ons. Additionally we’ve added a new configuration option that should help boost the performance of your editor instance when used. Reply to

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Fonto 6.10.0

Release 6.10.0 is the start of transitioning the UI of the editor itself from Angular to React and we took this chance to change and improve some of it. Additionally we now offer an API comparable to the CVK families to configure lists. Do note that this release also removes certain API’s for which we

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Fonto 6.9.0

We’ve decided to make one more pit stop, in the form of release 6.9.0, before the 7.0.0 release. We are well on the way though, which makes 6.9.0 a big release on it’s own. In the last nine months a part of the product team has been researching and developing a new library for creating

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Soft validation in an editor environment: Schematron for non-technical users

Coming Friday our homebrewer and craft beer lover Martin will present his paper on Soft validation at XML Prague. Here, a sneak preview by means of the introduction and conclusions. There’s a lot in between so do come and join us there! Introduction FontoXML is an editor for XML content, used by non-technical authors. At

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Fonto 6.8.0

We’re closing our productive year with the release of FontoXML 6.8.0 while keeping the 7.0.0 release “in the oven” just a bit longer. However that does not mean this release is without any noteworthy features itself, in fact it contains our first foray into a heavily requested feature. Localization We’ve added the ability to localize

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Fonto 6.7.0

FontoXML 6.7.0 is “hot off the press” and we’ve added some neat features we would like to highlight for you. Iframe CMS Connector We’ve added a new connector allowing FontoXML to be integrated into environments where it is technically impossible to implement the endpoints needed for the FontoXML Standard CMS Connector. Instead of making HTTP

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Structured authoring = Discipline x Enjoyable software

If you’re thinking about the adoption of a structured authoring tool like FontoXML, you should read the article on this topic by Barry Schaeffer (2013). In this article Barry, a veteran of more than 45 years in the content automation industry, not only describes the ‘tortured relationship’ between Word and XML (we also wrote about

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A move away from Microsoft Word

For the second time this month I’ve heard a prospect say “we want to move away from the Microsoft Word process”. In other words: the Word based authoring process, at this standardisation organisation, is far from efficient and has some serious quality issues. There’s little content reuse with large compliancy issues as a result. There’s

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Fonto 6.6.0

FontoXML 6.6.0 is now available and we’ve worked hard on some features we would like to tell you a bit more about. New highlight models In several parts of the FontoXML UI we’ve added new ways to display the context of where your authors are going perform any actions. When hovering over the breadcrumb path

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